Indifresh Ltd is the largest importer of Indian floriculture products into the UK

Indifresh has worked, over the past 10 years, with small, medium and large flower farms to become the largest importer of the finest Indian flowers into the UK and has built a reputation as a reliable source for Indian roses. Orion Flora Pvt Ltd, our state of the art pack house in Pune, manages our carefully developed supply chains which ensure quality, traceability and cool chain from grower to customer.

Through Orion Flora we offer packing and mixing facilities to exact customer specification.

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Stag Roses Orion Flora

Indifresh and Orion Flora together bring considerable horticulture expertise and have resulted in upgrading the supply chain of flowers from India, especially roses.

The STAG brand of roses in the wholesale markets in the UK depicts good quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.